Some things don’t mix. Children, Sports, and Anger are just a few of them.

We made this! :D


You love dubstep?!?!? Listen to this awesome song by Fum Fum Fum. Egypt’s biggest band! 

We created this song.


After months of doing groundbreaking exposes in the Amazon rain forest about, I Laurel Sutherland have finally made her return to the world of Youtube news.  You can all thank me by getting all other journalists fired and then insisting I replace them. 

A video created by Project Drea Entertainment

Songs That Made An Impact 2012 official Teaser!

// New Music//

Stephanie Andreus will be coming out with a new song called “Delirium” for the Songs That Made An Impact Compilation. This will be her fourth year participating.

Laurel Sutherland Gag Reel! There will be many many more Laurel Videos coming this year.

// in the windy city! Checked//

in the windy city! Checked out tons of local stuff. didnt get any pizza tho.

Producing up a storm! Looking for new tracks? Hit me up!

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Cannibals and Lovers (Demo)

This is the first demo Stephanie has released since February. This is a lyrical collab with a local songwriter named HardTwistMusic. Stephanie Produced and sang the whole track herself. Check it out!

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